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Jun 12, 2018

Shared parental leave - it's been a hot topic in the past few months.

The government introduced a new scheme in 2015, allowing parents to split a year off. Yet this year they admitted just 2% of eligible dads were taking part.

In this episode I meet one of them - Londoner Dan Southern, who's just finished a three month stint doing the daily childcare with his now one yr-old Freddy.

We met for tea and rice crackers to watch a spot of Sarah & Duck to discuss the benefits of taking time to look after your little one. There's a host - bonding, understanding, family unity and the opportunity to help women back to work. Win, win, win, win. 

So why aren't more doing it? In episode eleven we met Johan Bavman, photographer behind the Swedish Dads photo series chronicling men at home with their young kids. And in Sweden and neighbouring Scandinavian countries, the system has been in place for much longer, allows flexibility of time off and supports parents with funds for cheap childcare and importantly to near-match their salary.

Here, parents can share 39 weeks pf the year paid at the statutory allowance, maximum £145 a week. No wonder few can afford it.

This is part two of a three part series discussing dads staying home to care for their kids, plus we hear some more birth stories and advice for new or expectant parents.


Balancetwo - Be With You

Balancetwo - Sampras



The Swedish Dads photo exhibition is coming to London at last - Southlands Centre, West Drayton, London June 17-July 1

And you can get opening night tickets for Saturday June 16 here (there's canapes!)