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Sep 6, 2018

Summer's out for school...

Back to school for the Fatherhood family this week, but we're not giving up on summer, no way. 

In this episode of the podcast we go back to the beach in North Cornwall, and hear the story of retired lifeguard and father of three Malcolm Jones.

In this Fatherhood Stories special, we hear direct from Malcolm about his life as one of the earliest Cornish lifeguards, when you got a few quid an hour from the council and had to swim out with a heavy line to reel stricken swimmers in. 

We hear about Malcolm's life and love of surfing and the beaches of North Cornwall, his home patch. His three kids grew up with him playing in the sand while he watched the waves for trouble. Winters, they'd travel the globe, his young sons becoming skilled surfers just like dad. 

Later they'd follow in his footsteps as lifeguards, now looking after the famous sands at Constantine and Booby's Bay, where Malcolm, now 71, joins them for a surf whenever the swell's up.


Music from balancetwo and some ace guitar from Than Gill. With snippets of The Mills Bros' Mr Sandman, Carole King with I Felt the Earth Move, Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf and David Bowie with The Jean Genie.

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