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Aug 22, 2017

We're back! It's nearly the damn end of a crazy summer!

There's been a fair bit going on since our last chat with MP Will Quince all the way back in April. Elections, holidays, parenting. All sounds a bit long, right?

But I'm happy to say Fatherhood podcast is back - and for continuity from our last political guest, I wanted to talk to a heavy hitter with perhaps a different viewpoint.

So I'm delighted to have been able to spend an hour talking Fatherhood with journalist Dorian Lynskey.

For years Dorian has written on music, culture and politics (it gets everywhere, that politics, right?) for the Guardian, popping up regularly in esteemed organs from Mojo, Q and Billboard to the New Statesman and The Spectator, to name just a few. His book on protest songs and culture, 33 Revolutions Per Minute, A History of Protest Songs, was published in 2012.

And latterly he's been making me laugh and tremble with nerves at the prospect of Brexit while hosting Remainiacs, a podcast which turns a keenly analytical and occasionally satirical eye on the realities of life post-Article 50, as we live through the mother of continental divorces. And things don't sound pretty...

Dorian and I talk about his life as father of two daughters; his own relationship with his dad; cultural influences while growing up; Brexit (of course) and the chances of a knowledge-led bright future.

For Dorian's always detailed, considered and eloquent writing please follow these links: 

Guardian page:

(I love this one:



Oh and buy his book here:

This week's music was mostly recommended by the learned Mr Lynskey (with I suspect a nudge from his daughters). Fine choices, we can all agree.

Billy Bragg - Brickbat / Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine / Taylor Swift - Never Grow Up / Tortoise - Why We Fight / David Bowie - Kooks

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Maximum boost Dorian and of course Lucy Aitken! x