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Feb 26, 2018

It's with great pleasure we present the story of Johan Bavman, award-winning Swedish photographer and the pappa behind the lens of the Swedish Dads photoseries. Forty-five beautifully framed, naturalistic shots document friends and dads from his hometown of Malmo, each engaged in all the grit and glory of day-to-day childcare duties. It's been viewed at exhibitions in more than 30 countries, and gone viral 'n all that to boot.

In Sweden parents have the enviable opportunity to take shared leave of some 480 days to be with their kids - any time between birth and eight years old. The government, who launched the scheme four decades ago in a bid encourage women in the workforce, support families with 80% of their wages, which are often made up to the full amount by supportive companies

As the first of a new series of monologue storytelling, Fatherhood Stories, Johan tells us how parents and society can benefit from some time to care in kids' early lives.

In coming weeks Fatherhood's miniseries on shared parenting duties - 'Who is your Daddy, and what does he do?' - will explore shared parenting in the UK and the reasons and realities behind coming a stay at home dad.

Podcast backing music playlist: (they're all Swedish, geddit?)

The Field - Everybody's Got to Learn Sometimes

Lust for Youth - Running

Goat - Run to Your Mama

E.S.T. - Behind the Yashmak

Hiya Wal Aaalam - Janna