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Apr 20, 2019

Unless you've been under the proverbial rock for a quarter of a century, you know the deal with climate change.

Yet nothing's really been done. We're still burning up fossil fuels, cutting down trees, spraying chemicals on crops, decimating biodiversity and sleepwalking toward environmental crisis.

What are we gonna do about it? Are we going to act now for future generatiions? Are they going to be the ones to save the planet?

There's been a ray of light this week with a global protest underway, demanding truth, action and citizen assembly.

Extinction Rebellion set out to shut down London this week, occupying famous streets, blocking Waterloo Bridge and targeting the Shell building.

They've faced predictable medial criticism for their tactics, but I wanted to go beyond the headlines to join them in protest and ask fathers, parents, families, children, why it's so important to campaign, protest and rebel.

For more information on the campaign visit


Music -

Ulva - DJ Mandray for balancetwo

Protest songs by Extinction Rebellion musicians