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Apr 2, 2017

This week I got to sit down for a chinwag with Colchester MP Will Quince.

Aside from the fact he's my local rep in government, I wanted to talk to him about his experiences as a father to two young daughters and the tragic stillbirth of his son in 2014.

Will's taken the admirable decision to speak up about baby loss, forming a cross-party parliamentary group on this difficult issue. His campaign has already caused government to commit to halving the rate of preventable still births by 2030.

Will speaks movingly about his experience, he and his wAife being advised in pregnancy that their son would likely not survive chromosomal abnormality Edward's Syndrome.

He describes how many do not gain the chance to grieve, one which his family were able to take due to a maternity bereavement suite at Colchester Hospital. Only around half of UK hospitals can afford this important space.

It's hard for any parent to talk about baby loss and I respect Will for all he's done in this area. And also for his clear commitment to youth - he defied the whip voting on the Dubs amendment to take child refugees. "We should be doing more" he comments. Agreed.

But as with any dad chat eventually the politics came up - I didn't want to miss the chance to grill a Conservative MP on cuts. I certainly didn't find we were eye-to-eye on some issues, though I'm a little disappointed that I did open an easy-answer door with a Brexit question...

Needless to say though, big thanks to Will for the interview and I hope it's illuminating - not least on the issue of which kids TV themes he hums in parliament.

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